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Greta Mildenberg

Greta Mildenberg

Greta Mildenberg is a lawyer, certified Master of Hypnosis, certified NLP Master Trainer and certified member of the Global Trainer and Consultancy Network (GTC). Greta has been trained by the most important developers of Hypnosis and NLP namely Richard Bandler, Brian Alman, Steve Gilligan, Ragini Micheals, and has a Master Hypnotherapy certificate from Dr Tad James, director of the American board of Hypnotherapy.

She has worked successfully and intensely for the past 17 years with many applications of Hypnosis particularly in the area of emotional, physical and psychological health. Greta has experience in training, supervision and session work all over the world. She is also trained in systemic family therapy, movement, and neo-Reichian bodywork, being a certified trainer of Kelly-Radix work.

Her unique and focused approach to training effortlessly transmits the essential qualities of hypnosis so that participants find with delight that they can easily understand and can actually do themselves the hypnotic skills being presented.
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Greta is a Fellow Member Trainer in the International Association of NLP, NLP teacher trainer in the Deutscher Verband für NLP, certified instructor in the American Board of Hypnotherapy, as well as certified by the European Association for Psychotherapy.
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