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Our Practitioner Certification provides a good grounding in the essential basic aspects of NLP so that they can easily and enjoyably applied to a persons private and professional life, to achieve more satisfaction, creativity and success. Although some of the training has areas that apply to the business world, what is presented is useful for people from many different walks of life.

Topics covered include
  • effective communication skills
  • how to build trust with teams and individuals
  • using language effectively and how to ask quality questions
  • multi level communication
  • personal and team development
  • how to bring effective teams together
  • self management (emotional intelligence)
  • how to find and achieve solution orientated goals
  • recognizing your own strengths and potential
  • changing unwanted behavior
  • more self directed purpose in your private and professional life
  • how to perceive people in their subjective reality
  • conflict management and negotiation
  • also includes juggling and much more
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When you successfully finish an NLP Training with the ISNLP, you have the opportunity to become certified by the International Association for NLP (DVNLP) and/or the Deutscher Verband für NLP (IANLP).
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