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Ericksonian Hypnotherapy training

This training is for people who are interested in working with people and who want to learn how to consciously use language in a way that supports obtaining the goals that you and your clients want. The training is also suitable for people who just want to experience Hypnosis for themselves. It is furthermore an excellent addition for anyone who already has any NLP training or has trained in "The Journey" work of Brandon Bays.

In these 10 days you will become grounded in the basics of Hypnosis as practiced by Dr Milton H. Erickson, as well as other traditional hypnotic induction and utilization techniques. You will also learn specific tools for relaxation, self healing, meditation and self hypnosis.

A particular concern of the Ericksonian approach to hypnosis is the science of communication between the conscious and unconscious minds. You will learn how you can use language to facilitate this sort of interpersonal communication. Milton Erickson was famous for the deep respect and love he brought to his work. His main concern was to connect people to their own abilities and rich life experiences. The way he specifically used language and his understanding for how the the unconscious mind functions, made his work highly effective and deeply impactful for his clients.

The training will consist of theory, demonstrations, practice and self experience. All proceedures, methods and teachings will be explained theoretically, demonstrated and then practiced so that each participant will get a good experiential understanding of the work. It will be a multi level course learning practical hypnotic skills that you can use in what ever your work or interest is, and a the same time an amazing opportunity for you own inner growth and development through the daily experience of indiviual and group trances.
Comments from ex participants from my groups and trainings
  • The training with Roger was very practical and hands-on so that it is easy to see how to use it in day-to-day life not only to work with clients but also to manage myself on a personal level. It has been of tremendous help to me and I would recommend it to anybody. Diego Torres, certified NLP/Hypnocoach & Personal Trainer based in Zurich, Switzerland
  • The Hypnosis Training with Roger has helped me to see how I interact and communicate with myself and others. The result is an ongoing improvement on how I deal with colleagues and clients in the business world as much as with family members. It has exceeded all my expectations and I highly recommend it. Group Marketing of a global corporation based in Zurich, Switzerland
  • The Hypnotherapy intensive training was a life changing process for me as I started to be friends with my unconscious mind and being in contact with myself in a very new and powerful way. Now I can also connect with the unconscious minds of other people thereby being able to help them in their life situations. I'm very thankful to Premananda as he fully shared his experience and knowledge, being very positive, sincere and open to our group. Aliya Zhexembekova. Almaty. Kazakstan
  • I loved this hypnotherapy training with Roger. It is a wonderful foundation course in hypnosis which covers thoroughly all the theory of the Milton Erickson approach. We also had a lot of hands on practice with partners as we practised the skills we learnt. We enjoyed demonstrations and hypnotherapy sessions with Roger. The training was very intense and interesting and I very much looked forward to going into it every day. We also had great fun during the entire course. Shiela Edwards, London
  • After a 3 day Self Hypnosis group a participant wrote: The three day Self hypnosis group with Roger was a real highlight of all the groups and courses I have ever experienced in my life. I immediately felt great trust that made opening, receiving and sharing unusually easy and fun. Roger's presentation was clear and supportive and the exercises mature and interesting. The result has given me a simple and effective method to access important inner resources of my unconscious mind. Here is a hearty thanks to Roger and my unconscious Andrew Bartholomew. Boston. USA
Some of the topics
  • What is trance and how to use language to facilitate one
  • Rapport, the basis for pacing and leading
  • Simple hypnotic induction techniques
  • How to deepen a trance
  • Verbal and non verbal evidence representational systems
  • Indicators of trance development
  • Ideo-motoric signal communication (including pendulums)
  • Hypnotic speech patterns of Dr Milton H. Erickson
  • Working with parts
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Advanced methods of induction
  • the structure of "marking out"
  • Hypnotic Phenomena and how to utilize them
  • Post Hypnotic suggestions
  • Use of voice to empower your work
  • Forms of indirect suggestions
  • How to work with regressions and past lives
  • The dominant laws of suggestions
  • The use of metaphors and their application in the communication process
  • Bypassing resistance
  • Facticity (resolving conflict), the work of R. Michaels
  • Using Hypnosis to expand self esteem
  • History of Hypnosis
  • How to gather infomation for hypnotic work
  • Many utilization possibilities
Information in english for download
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After the full Hypnosis Training you have the opportunity to become certified and registered with the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH).
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