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Header: Institute for Systemic NLP, Hamburg


This training takes the practitioner experience to the next level towards mastery in NLP.

Participants will:
  • develop greater competency and proficiency in NLP capabilities, models and techniques
  • develop multiple perspectives about human communication
  • learn to work with believes, values and identity
  • develop an understanding of how to work systemically

Much of the content comes from the work of Robert Dilts, Richard Bandler and Tad James:
  • Meta programs
  • deepening of the Meta Model and Milton Model
  • Time Line work of Dilts and James
  • Re-imprinting
  • integration of conflicting beliefs
  • sleight of mouth language patterns
  • negotiation and meetings
  • presentation skills
  • self organization theory
  • and much more
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When you successfully finish an NLP Training with the ISNLP, you have the opportunity to become certified by the International Association for NLP (DVNLP) and/or the Deutscher Verband für NLP (IANLP).
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